A comprehensive communications strategy, recording a 40% increase in customer value transactions, a 5% increase in overall yearly revenue and over 45,000 migrated customers to their new platform.

Brand Strategy Branding Website Materials

Push was tasked with invigorating interest in Neverfail Spring Water's new e-commerce platform, a subsidiary of Coca Cola Amatil. Our goal went beyond simply transitioning users to the online portal; we aimed to ensure continuous engagement with its features like account management, scheduling, and online transactions.

We crafted a marketing strategy tailored to both domestic and commercial users, as well as Neverfail employees, necessitating a mix of print and digital outreach materials.

In-depth research into Neverfail's customer demographics informed our approach. We identified two main groups - domestic and commercial users - each with distinct needs regarding Neverfail's offerings. Our strategy focused on consistent, adaptable messaging to resonate across these groups. 




The campaign's heart was the tagline 'Giving You More,' adaptable for different market segments and communicated through various channels including promotional videos, bottle tags, and email campaigns.

The campaign notably boosted customer engagement, with a 40% rise in transaction value and a 5% increase in annual revenue. Over 45,000 customers shifted to the new platform, achieving a 33% adoption rate.

Beyond the launch, we continue to enhance user experience and engagement, currently focusing on an email campaign to further increase user subscription rates.







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