Neverfail Springwater is a subsidiary of Coca Cola Amatil (CCA) that is known throughout Australian offices and homes as the premier supplier for spring water. Push was approached to generate interest for their new e-commerce platform built for internal and external stakeholders. We worked with the brand to develop a targeted launch campaign that encourages user engagement and adoption with the refreshed website. Neverfail required a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy that reflected a deep understanding of their product offering and customer base.  


Our primary objective extended beyond transitioning users onto the online platform. We needed to encourage users to leverage the site’s features on an ongoing basis. These include account creation and management, delivery scheduling and ordering, online payments, and transaction history viewing. We created a marketing strategy that targets both domestic and commercial users, and Neverfail employees. A curated suite of print and digital materials was required to drive home these messages to stakeholders.


We researched the brand’s existing user database to analyse their customer demographics. Domestic and commercial users were the two primary consumer groups responsible for the majority of orders. These groups had specific requirements related to their consumption of Neverfail products that we had to consider. Our primary goal was then determined to maintain consistent brand messaging across multiple channels, while staying flexible to maximise effectiveness amongst each group. The tagline ‘Giving You More’ was created as a unified message that can be personalised for each market segment. Variations of the message were presented via promotional videos, bottle tags, leaflets, internal employee materials, and EDMs.

The resulting campaign was a success, recording a 40% increase in the value of customer transactions, and a 5% increase in overall yearly revenue. Over 45,000 customers have migrated to the new platform to a 33% adoption rate. We stay with our clients past the launch to guarantee results – we’re implementing a new EDM to increase user subscription rate by keeping them connected and engaged.


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