What’s your car saying about you?

How consistent branding can help real estate agents to stand out

Let’s face it. People think that real estate agents fit a certain mould and that there’s not much difference between them. Shiny black European car. Navy suit. Only interested in making a buck.

In regular surveys about the trustworthiness of different professions, real estate agents consistently rate poorly on ethics and honesty. The only professions rated worse are advertising people and car sales people. Whether it’s justified or not, there’s clearly some serious trust issues to overcome.

While the perception of the ever-so-slightly sleazy sales agent who just wants to seal the deal and move on is strong, the good news is that with some consistent branding, you can step away from the stereotypes and build a more successful business.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken

Ultimately, real estate isn’t actually about property. It’s about people. And that’s why zoning in on your personal brand can be the game-changing point of difference for creating a successful real estate business.

Using who you are and your values to inform your core business principles can help you to create a brand that forms more meaningful connections with both vendors and buyers. For example, maybe you’re all about helping first home buyers to get into the market. Or maybe your sweet spot is helping growing families to buy their forever home.

Going beyond the superficial

Let’s take the example of being the agent who helps growing families buy their forever home. What would that branding look like in a real, practical way?

Building rapport with buyers to help allay some of the most common fears when buying real estate, namely falling victim to pushy sales techniques and paying too much, starts with being relatable. Showing all the ways you connect with your buyers is important.

Which brings us to the opening headline of your car. If your market is young families wanting to get a house in a good school catchment, driving a Mazda CX-7 family mobile is a lot more relatable than a BMW convertible. It says, “I’m just like you,” rather than “Wow, look at how much juicy commission I’m making on these inflated house prices.”

Similarly, filling your social media feed with reviews of local parks and casual family restaurants builds those connections. Participating in in community Facebook groups with genuine recommendations for doctors, tradies and so on shows buyers that you care about the community they are buying into and want them to have a good experience long after the ink dries on the contract of sale.

You can carry this through your offline marketing too. Giving your happy new home owners a bottle of champagne is standard. But what about creating a neighbourhood welcome pack? Include menus for the local takeaways, a voucher for 10 coffees, a list of popular kids activities, and so on.

Selling a lifestyle

The same principles apply when you’re operating in the luxury market too. (And for the luxury market, the latest BMW convertible might be the perfect choice for the image you want to project! It’s all about context.)

Whether someone’s looking for a waterfront property with killer views or a suburban renovator’s delight, what you’re really selling is the promise of a certain lifestyle. Consistently conveying this lifestyle through your marketing reinforces your position as the go-to agent for certain types of properties and builds your audience among both sellers and prospective buyers.

With our comprehensive approach to branding, we can help you to dive deep to understand your brand and how to connect with your audience, with consistent visual communication strategies to reinforce your message. This then sets the foundation for all your written communication, as well as things like video on social media. Finally, in-person interactions including non-verbal communication also builds your brand, as do any conversations that team members may have with buyers and sellers on your behalf.

Is your brand delivering on the right promise?

If your brand and the desired customer experience aren’t matching up, we’d love to chat. With deep experience across the real estate sector, we can help you to develop a strong, authentic and compelling personal brand that will help you to overcome trust issues and build a stronger, more resilient business. One where buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants all happily recommend you. One where you become not just a choice, but the choice in your desired market.

We’d love to hear about what branding challenges you’re facing. Drop us a line at info@pushcreative.com.au.



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