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Re-defining what a national groups digital platform can achieve for growth with intelligent, performance driven information architecture, led by customer research and persona insights.

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This national real estate group wanted to redefine their digital platform to support growth and meet the needs of their network, offices, and agents. The objective was to create an industry-leading platform that could generate leads, connect with the agency's technology, and enable agents and offices to create communications that work for them. The site had to reflect the brand guide and style to create the desired brand perception.

To meet the challenge, the design and development team conducted detailed user journey research to create a site that works for the network, offices, and agents to promote themselves. The approach was based on customer research and persona insights that provided the team with the information architecture that would drive performance and results.




The team worked with the brand guide and style to create a site that creates the brand perception required. The focus was to develop a platform that would be industry-leading, modern, and visually appealing. The result was a website that reflects the brand's values and identity, while providing an intuitive user interface for the visitors.

The website was designed to connect with the agency's full-stay technology, enabling agents and offices to create communications that work for them. This integration allowed for a seamless experience for the users, as they could easily access and utilise all the features and functionalities offered by the platform.



The platform was also designed to be lead-generating, providing visitors with the information and tools they needed to make informed decisions about the real estate market. The lead generation capabilities were achieved through a combination of intelligent design and user experience, driving performance and results.

The end result was an industry-leading platform that exceeded the client's expectations. The platform provided the national real estate group with a powerful tool for growth, while ensuring that the needs of their network, offices, and agents were met. The site enabled them to generate leads, connect with their technology, and create communications that work for them.





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