A decade of brand guardianship


Starbucks Australia draws on the intimate ritual of drinking coffee paired with eating delicious food and this practice permeates everything they do. Each step of their coffee production process is carefully designed to form an immersive brand experience across all stores. While our legacy of collaboration with the brand results in flawless in-store executions of seasonal campaigns that build brand equity, our expert Art Direction creates comprehensive visual languages that connect the brand to Australia’s coffee shop culture.


With a partnership spanning over a decade, Push has an in-depth insight into guaranteeing the success of every campaign. Our primary goal has always been to enhance the brand identity of Starbucks through expertly crafting promotional messaging across print and digital channels. Starbucks also require an attentive maintenance of their brand look and feel, creating an exciting challenge to consistently produce flexible and innovative design solutions.


Push works closely with the Starbucks marketing team to personalise the Australian market offering from international stores by tailoring each campaign with our in-house photoshoots and intricate food styling. Our close involvement in every process ensures attention to detail. We curate a selection of colour palettes and textures for each photoshoot to heighten the products’ visual appeal while language is then used to unify the brand elements - from coining catchy headlines to selecting expressive typography.

We then produce a suite of printed materials including point of sale signage, flyers, posters, and window displays and manage the entire artwork and print production across over 40 Starbucks stores. We also develop digital materials such as landing pages, EDMs and social media to support the campaign, ensuring every asset is delivered on time and within budget to boost the brand’s revenue.


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